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Sunday, November 27, 2005 

Frustration mounts...

My hubby has undertaken finishing the basement (as described here). This is all great and dandy, and I knew I would be pretty much watching from the sidelines while he (and his brother) went ahead and did their thing.

I've had to put up with being alone with the three kids every week-end (the kids are great, but spending 12 hours with the exclusive purpose of entertaining, feeding, wiping their bums, entertaining, settling fights, wiping their nose, pouring glasses and glasses of milk, and entertaining some more would drive the best of moms crazy).

I've had to put up with noise - making it impossible to watch TV (imagine that!) but the noise has not woken the kids up at night so I'm not complaining yet on the decibel extravanza coming from below.

I've had to pretty much take care of cleaning the house, doing laundry, and all of the cooking - which is not unusual except that hubby is not keeping the kids busy while I'm doing this. And he is really missed on that front...

But I must admit the biggest frustration stems from being excluded from managing the "project". I see lots of time wasted - so many activities could be optimized when it comes to getting the materials and planning WHEN to get it, etc. I have no idea how to put walls up, how to install hardwood floors or tiles, but I do know how to PLAN, OPTIMIZE AND EXECUTE (it's what I used to do for a living!) and it's just driving me nuts...

Kind of reminds me how men and women approach assembling something. Women read, plan, organize, THEN start. Men just skip steps 1-2 and simply start assembling.

It's the way we're built. :)

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