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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

Day 59: Fiascos and triumphs - all in day's work

The girls have been working on a tobacco project - some were assigned the making of a scientific posters while other had to shoot a commercial (anti-tobacco of course).

Well, one class (you'll never guess which one) had several technical fiascos - in one case, they didn't even bother to switch what they filmed onto anything - they had the camera plugged to the TV to show their commercial. Something kept NOT WORKING and it took 3-4 tries and about 20 minutes for it to work (keep in mind it's only 1 minute long). Another team's video had sound which was so bad you could not make out what they were saying - and because they filmed YESTERDAY in the snow, the glare was so bad no faces could be made out either. Some of the girls had their video in a format requiring them to use a computer and a projector. For some reason the computer kept rebooting. I was not impressed with their technical check PRIOR to their presentation...

Moving right along to another class, with different problems (ever heard of team members not pulling their weight - and lo-and-behold, it's the morning you have to hang the poster for everyone to see, and SOMEONE FORGOT TO PRINT THEIR PART). I can't even fathom that with almost 5 weeks to put this together, some were still counting on this morning, THIS morning, to finalize it. Anyhow, the 3 other teams with commercials did brilliantly - no tech mishap, no weird format or cam hook-up. And cool commercials to boot!

Tomorrow, my 2 other classes are strutting their anti-tobacco messages and I know it will go well. Simply because in these two groups, it ALWAYS goes smoothly. Knock on wood of course...

I also continue to be amazed at the last-minute work done by these kids. I gave students 10 weeks to complete a project, yet four of them (AP level) decided it wasn't worth the 150 points.

And others, you could tell they did it the night before. Maybe it's me, but I always got it out of the way ASAP. I hated having things on a to-do list that weren't completed.

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