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Monday, November 21, 2005 

Days 61 and 62: Go Diego, Go!!!

Quick post because typing is actually a pain. My CTS has been acting up again.

CTS is of course Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and it's not the most pleasant ailment to have when you're a teacher. I would have to admit that it's probably even more scary if you're a brainsurgeon, or a dentist. And scariest if you're the PATIENT of aforementioned surgeon or dentist...

CTS has proven to be quite the companion over the week-end, as the cavemen continued to make unruly sounds below.

Here are some of the cool things I did while (stuck) alone with the girls - just to keep this post short (remember that typing hurts) I'll only mention the activities that were a little more challenging due to the fact that I could only use my left hand (and that I am righthanded of course):

- preparing meals (without serving any of my fingers as high protein appetizers)

- pouring glass after glass after glass of mik (God sent me half-human, half-calf babies just to punish me for not being much of a milk drinker)

- wiping the girls' bum-bums after nature called (remember now that they are part animal, that they are very healthy and that the slightest slip of the left hand may have been somewhat unpleasant)

- wiping my - oh forget this one - I'm NOT posting about that

- helping out with Jigsaw puzzles (and trying to make it look easy)

- folding 5 loads of laundry with one hand, as fast as possible such that the girls don't get to it first, but slowly enough so that it looks like I put some effort into this futile exercise

- other stuff my hubby doesn't want mentioned on this blog because it would be out of line

So for those of you sending me emails, please understand if I'm not responding today as I have used up all of my typing energy on this post.

lol - ah, the joys of twins! When it was time for Kindergarten, I chose afternoon instead of morning - we slept in for nine months, frequently in our PJs until after 10 am.

Teenage Twins are wonderful and terrible. Hormones, ya know. Marching Band was WAY MORE busy than I ever anticipated. At least they're not boy-crazy yet - but that'll come. Check back with me next summer when they start to drive!

Glad you didn't tell us any more about the wiping...

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