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Sunday, November 13, 2005 

The week-end is almost over...

... tonite is best tv night, and yet I feel like simply going to bed now and waking up tomorrow. Screw dinner. Screw the kids' baths. Screw The Housewives (not literally of course).

Sheer exhaustion from running after the twins all day yesterday and today. Exhaustion from trying to keep the mess they create as they move around to a minimum. I can't imagine what the lives of those with sextuplets is like. They probably live on caffeine pills - I could use a couple right about now...

Lots to do tomorrow to prepare for the upcoming week. Including getting those surveys counted and analyzed...

Gotta go - the cavemen* are calling for my help.

*cavemen: hubby and bro-in-law who are working hard on the kid trap - oops - I mean on the basement.

The only thing missing is "screw the husband." :)

Have a great week!

I almost put it in there... Have a great week too!

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