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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 

Day 58: Cooking class: how to insert backbone into mollusks

What a day.... not only because it was 7 teaching periods in a row, with NO LUNCH BREAK because I was supervising a girl taking a test she missed last week, but because life as a teacher is a roller-coaster ride, and honestly, after 58 days, the Gravol doesn't seem to cut it anymore...

I'm still trying to reach out to that "challenging" class (see here , here and here) but I am starting to run out of ideas... I gave them one period today to work on their class project.

The Project Manager speaks extremely softly, won't raise her voice even though I've encouraged her several times to try and take control of the class before it's too late... People were doing other homework, and CHATTING, CHATTING, CHATTING incessantly about other stuff.
A few girls had good ideas, good comments, valuable points, and no one heard them.
It was a sea of noise, of girls who don't give a damn about their class project, about their peers, about the PM, and ultimately, who don't give a damn about themselves in the process.

I'm now debating whether to cancel the project for this class and find something else to fill the time - have them work on research papers or something like that.

Of course I'm fed up right now - perhaps I'll have a different perspective tomorrow.

On the bright side, the cavemen are taking a break tonight, so no loud and strange noises coming from below - actually, everyone but me is sleeping (and yes, it's only 8:34PM). I HAVE to get some stuff ready for tomorrow. Did I mention a teacher's work is never done???

It seems like your a little down about that class...lol...Kinda obvious...but don't give up on them...I have a feeling, you will gain their attention somehow...I hope you had a nice peaceful, fulfilling, quiet day...and have a great nite...

Certainly sounds like your work is is never done -- I am glad you are you and I am not you!

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