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Monday, November 07, 2005 

Day 52: The sound of the drill is driving me nuts!

I'm sitting here with, to my left, about 4 hours left of correction and grading for the last biology test they wrote Friday.

And downstairs, in the basement, are my lovely hubby and his brother, drilling away at the concrete floor.

We had this house built 7 years ago - the basement was the next project to be tackled (until other stuff got in the way.

Things finally got "out of hand" enough to prompt my hubby to get started. By "out of hand", I don't mean physical abuse (as it was the case in this post) but I mean between the three kids, their strollers, the dolls, all the doll clothes, the small pop-up tent, the pic-nic table, the puzzles, the books, the Game Cube, the games and all the DVDs, it's a true miracle we haven't broken any limbs or twisted any ankles.
We were thinking of renting out our place to the Army Reserves for training. Take your pick - it can be a bombed area (plenty of places to look for hidden bodies), it can be a tornado-stricken area (that what it looks like after all), it can be a perfect obstacle course for those in need of physical activity.

But it CANNOT remain this way forever. I need yet another area where strollers and dolls can be happy - out of the high traffic areas which include the kitchen, living room and hallway, and most of all, OUT OF SIGHT.

As an added bonus, we can put a lock on the basement door, and safely get rid of the kids for a couple of hours... definitely worth the noise...

I know what you mean but beware - even when all the toys are tucked nicely downstairs - they seem to find a way to creep into your living space again and before you know it - WHAM! You have toys everywhere again but this time an extra whole floor to clean as well!

So where do you find these images?

Hey Lolita :) I'm working on a research paper focused on media and how it's affecting the education of children ages 8-18. I love some of the insight that you've provided and thus, have a couple questions for you. I'd love to chat so feel free to contact me (livingshade@gmail.com) if you're interested or have any questions about the project. Thanks!

Canadian Dude: If I tell you, I'll then have to kill you.

Well, OK then... these images are simply Clip Arts from my PowerPoint library...

miss frost: I'll get in touch with you soon...

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