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Thursday, November 24, 2005 

Days 64 and 65: He committed suicide... and other gloomy thoughts

Today was a busy day - and I was off to a bit of a disappointing start since I purposely left extra extra early to get a jump on some grading at school, and had to battle the elements (it was snowing and drivers were extra cautious...) such that I got to school with less than 30 minutes to spare and didn't get any grading done...

The day was a very sad one as we were told that one of our fellow teacher's father had committed suicide sometime between last night and this morning. We have no idea why, how, whether anyone had seen it coming, or anything else. I suppose all this is somewhat irrelevant, the sorrow and pain is probably all that matters to this family. The Christmas celebrations will be overshadowed by such a tragic event.

A couple of weeks ago my husband's little cousin (or once-removed cousin - whatever it is we call our cousins' children) had a big car accident and has been in a coma ever since.
17 years old, first year in College, his whole life ahead of him, and BANG! He lost control at an exit on the highway, perhaps speed was involved - I have no idea - it was at 5PM on a rainy day so one can imagine it was simply dark and slippery and his lack of driving experience didn't help things.
I suppose we'll got some more news by the week-end since the "last" treatment the docs have in mind is almost over - treatment which, according to them, will let us know whether he'll ever wake up or not.

I can't even imagine the parents' pain right now - parents are NOT meant to outlive their kids. It's against nature, and certainly one of the worse things that one can deal with. I don't think I could survive that.

It certainly has made me slow down a little on the road. I'm a big proponent of the "ENJOY LIFE WHILE YOU CAN - EVERY DAY IS A GIFT" and all this certainly reinforces this.

Well, I never intended to have such a gloomy post - but I suppose blogging is a reflection of our lives - and today is definitely a gloomy one...

I'm sorry. It's hard when such tragedies affect our lives in any way... Best wishes for all involved.

So sorry to hear of the problems.

As a parent of three teenagers, I'm sooo afraid of letting them drive. It's very weird when my oldest drives me around while practicing. I'm sure the first time we let her drive alone will be traumatic for me and The Missus.

Indeed, our blogs reflect our lives. Hope all involved can find the strength to improve.

A few months ago my step brother died in a car accident the day before his 23rd birthday.
The passing of a loved one - especially when they are young - is always hard for everyone. It really makes you appreciate life that much more.
I'm sorry to hear about your family's tragedy and I hope all turns out for the best.

I know what it is like to lose a child.

It seems that the world is filled with such sad stories. And they become even more apparent when our hearts ache from our own sad tales.


I have gloomy stories too -- but they are so bad they are going to make horror flick in my hometown area -- so you will see it when it comes out on the big screen. I think I am kidding.

However, not to make light of such a thing -- no one has control over these awful events -- they happen.

The guilt some of us take on is because we wished we could have prevented such a tragedy and some folks that may have -- just don't get it. (not related to you incident)

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