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Thursday, November 17, 2005 

Day 60: When size really matters

Today should have been a nice day. I had 2 classes (my two star classes) presenting their projects. As expected, these were all ready on time, no in-fighting over so-and-so not pulling their weight, and frankly, 2 commercials that blew me away. Of course, these aren't something that one would see during SuperBowl, but for 9th graders with NO previous videotaping and editing experience, I was truly impressed. No technical fiasco, no missing poster, no nothing to be negative about.


It started when I got up - perhaps a combination of going to bed early but not sleeping more than 2 hour stretches because one of the girls has an ear infection... and it was keeping HER up - which by direct translation keeps ME up.

Perhaps it was that I've had to hand out a 0 (as in ZERO, NADA, ZILCH) as a grade to one student and it's upset me far more than it should. She's been avoiding taking the biology test - after I allowed her not to take it on the Friday she was supposed to because of "personal problems" (yes, I'm a sucker and probably too gullable for my own good). Anyhow, she's been skipping out on all three other opportunities she's had to take the re-write - and the worse part in my opinion, is that SHE IS NOT ADRESSING THIS WITH ME. So we're both playing dumb, except that she's going to realize next week as I hand back the tests that she got 0 - and I feel lousy about that (even though I know she needs this "lesson").

Perhaps I was simply due for a migraine because let's face it, who wants to go more than a week without codeine?

Anyhow, I had to ask for someone to replace me for my computer science class this afternoon because the pounding was just too intense. I think it was a rap beat - no wonder I felt so lousy...

And so I was planning an EXTRA SHORT post because I just want to sit down with my green tea and catch up on the second half of House, MD before heading up to bed.

Size matters when you have a headache - and this post completely disproves that theory.

Sorry about the migranes. I used to get them when I was a kid. The only way I felt better was to lie still on a bed with a wet cloth on my head. Mysteriously, I haven't had them since.

Lucky me. Hope yours is long gone by now.

My sixteen year old daughter was diagnosed w/ migraines when she was thirteen...she's been on meds since then....She is on nortrypteline...which is an anti-depressent, as I have learned..but it does seem to help...instead of getting one to three a week, she maybe has one a month...kinda thought that it being an antidepressant, she wouldn't be so bitchy....but I guess not...lol...anyways...sorry about that for ya...I hate when she gets one...it seems so painful...

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