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Monday, November 14, 2005 

Day 57 - part 1 : The illusion

Well, for those of you keeping a mathematical eye on things, day 56 is missing because I didn't post about it - it was a ped day.

Today is day 57, and I thought I'd list out things I'd like to get done today and check in later so that we can all laugh at how illusive it is to make lists like these...

So here we go - and it starts well since one of the things is done already!!!

1) go to Curves for workout - DONE
2) go through student surveys
3) watch video on magnetism and make notes - type the notes
4) type up some biology notes to hand out
5) take a last look at the corrected biology tests
6) think of how I will be grading the anti-tobacco videos the girls will be handing in this week
7) about 3 loads of wash
8) vacuum
9) try not to go nuts with the Curves Nutritional Guide***
10) post at the end of the day to let you know how things went...

So that's it - as I'm violently sucking back a few cups of coffee this morning to charge my body, I think I'll leave my blog as a background to remind me what I need to do...

*** A Nutrition Guide was provided to me when I joined Curves. As I waited for a counsellor the day I signed up, I was reading and almost fell off my chair when I saw that people with Type 2 Diabetes should follow a HIGH CARB (HIGH SUGAR) DIET (these were the exact words).

I couldn't help myself and I told one of the counsellors that surely this was wrong and she checked in the English guide (I was reading the French one) and then said "No, no - that's right" and mumbled something else. I left it at that because I was suddenly unsure of myself.

When I got home I checked it out on internet, downloaded a nutrition show on Diabetes, looked at several books I have (I'm a bit of a nut about these nutrition things) and was happy to see that I was right.

My in-laws are both Type 2 Diabetic and I know what I'm supposed to feed them (or not) when they come over for dinner. This has been driving me crazy but I'm waiting for the right moment to approach the person in charge.

I'm quite anal about this type of BIG MISTAKE especially since it can impact someone's health, and I figure I need to wait until I'm all calm about it to address this issue - I don't want to appear more of a nut than I already am...
I noticed this morning more mistakes in the book, some typos about calorie content per portion (says one thing at the bottom of the page, and something else at the top for THE SAME thing) and I even question some of the nutritional calculations they make (lots of inconsistencies).

I know I will want to spend some time looking at this - but I can't afford to do that today...

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