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Friday, August 26, 2005 

Day 4: Whose line is it anyway?

Short post today - once again, Mr Migraine is playing squash in my head, and is beating the pants off Mr Fiorinal w/Codeine. I need my pillow, I need quiet, I need darkness, I need to get away from this computer! I got away from the students at 1:00 when my school day ended, after 5 hours of lecture (straight!!!). The day started at 3:51AM when Mr Migraine knocked on the temple door, got in and started warming up for the current game. At 4:02AM, I sent in Mr Advil hoping that he would be man enough to just shoo Mr Migraine out of the court, but no luck...

Today went remarkably well - considering I improvised 3 hours of biology and 2 hours of technology. I ended up going to bed last night (rather than staying up to prepare today's lectures) because I was too tired and thinking of getting up early, driving to school and preparing there. HA ! HA!!!!! Not happening. Not today.

The scary thing was that it was pretty seamless, kids didn't notice I was up there without a specific roadmap, and now I wonder how many of MY old teachers got away with this... I'm thinking that if things don't work out teaching, I'll be able to call Drew up and offer my talent (is that show still on???).

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