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Monday, August 15, 2005 

He's 9 going on 16

Well, today is a day I will remember for a long time. My first born, my beautiful blue-eyed son, my one and only boy, the ultimate "mama's boy", chose to hang out with some friends tonight rather than going to the movies with me. I have to mention that we are both movie buffs, that we watch way too much TV, and that we LOVE watching movies on the big screen.
I had suggested The Island or Four Brothers - both of which look good, and after giving it some thought, he turned me down to hang out with three 12 year-old girls. They listened to music, they jumped around on the trampoline, they basically just hung around outside, went for ice cream and talked. And that won over a car ride ALONE with me (since his sisters were born, he has missed being alone with me, and since they started talking, we all miss the concept of QUIET). It won over seeing the previews of the next best movies of 2008. It won over the overpriced salt-ladden popcorn we always buy, and the can of Diet Coke we sneak in my purse.

Hanging out with girls won over a movie. That alone says it all. Deep down I knew this would happen some day - I never gave any thought to this. I do accept his wanting to be independant. I guess I must have done something right.

I figure that as long as my hubby never turns me down, life is good.

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