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Friday, August 19, 2005 

10 years ago, we took the plunge (and the water wasn't even cold!)

Well,it's been 10 years already since Hubby and I tied the knot. Funny saying really when you look at the perfect shape of wedding rings. No knot in those. No knot in anything I can think of at the church. Or at the reception.

Perhaps the whole expression is mispelled and is really meant to be "try the not" , as in "I will try the not-philandering", "I will try the not-getting on your nerves", "I will try the not-leaving the toilet seat up" (OK, OK, that one is pushing it a little for most XY creatures).

I used to think 10 years was a long time. And today, I wonder where the years went, how we went from wedding vows and an awesome honeymoon in Jamaica (at Sandals no less - we recommend this resort to EVERYONE!!!) to a mortgage, a minivan, a trampoline and six extra feet to buy shoes for.
When did our lives change so dramatically without us having the chance to blink?

Would I change anything?

Would I take the plunge again?

The water wasn't cold then, and it's only getting warmer every year...

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