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Saturday, August 13, 2005 

He blew so well!

It was hubby's bday today - I put 32 candles on his cake and we all watched him try to blow them out in one breath. And he did!!!!

I finished writing my review on our trip to the Breezes Punta Cana and will be posting it tomorrow on TripAdvisor. Finally. I'd been putting it off. Sort of like preparing my Technology course outline. I should try to get some of it done soon...

Why is it that when we were shopping for summer sandals for the girls in late May, there were tons of fall shoes available. We are now mid-August, we went today for the fall shoes because if we don't go early enough (or so we thought it was "early") we can't get two pairs of identical shoes (same size). Well, it was too late - they were already out of most of the fall line-up. Why are we now shopping one season early??? - I got the fall edition of the Sears catalog on May 31st. MAY - summer wasn't even officially here yet and there I was looking at suede boots and winter coats.
Why not buy clothes for the rest of our lives right now and get it over with. Some people might be happy with that. In fact, some people never do much shopping and wardrobe renewal.
Don't get me wrong, I consider shopping a preferred aerobic activity and a great way to get away from the kids while still being a good mom since I shop for THEM (constantly and some might think obsessively).

Well, that's it - I need to reduce the calory intake, increase the calorie burning and get in shape. It's official - I need to do it. Of course, it's been official since I gave birth to the twins, but now I'll be standing in front of (hypothetically) skinny girls who'll simply remind me of this fact so I need to take care of it ASAP. On that note, I'm going to bed. Not high on calory burning (well, it depends of course...)but after surviving the day on 5 hours of sleep, I can certainly use 40 winks.

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