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Thursday, August 18, 2005 

What a klutz!

Today's post has to be short. I hope PETA doesn't come after my husband... but if you can picture a chicken with no head (one has to assume that it was somehow cut off)running around to get stuff done, with Barney annoyingly playing in the background to (unsuccessfully)keep the girls away from me and the computer - well, if you're still following and can picture that, you've got a good snapshot of what's going on at our place today. I am the chicken - my husband must therefore be the one who amputated the avian creature...

I'm keeping an eye on Christine who is playing with tiny pop bead creatures... These beads seemed like a good idea when I saw them yesterday at Costco (www.klutz.com)- it said "4 yrs+" on the package, but my girls are smart, beautiful and can do anything, right?
Well, it turns out there might have been a small, very small reason that they suggest this for 4-yr olds (and NOT 3yrs, 4 months, 1 week and 3.5 hours- the twins' exact age as I am writing this). Actually, there are 167 little reasons, purple, red, blue and yellow among other colors, for which this activity is not recommended for those less than 4 yrs old...

So I'm trying to keep these darn beads in the same general area (I've given up on them remaining in the tupperware - if they are on the floor in ONE room of the house, I can live with that) while "I love you, You love me, We're a happy family..." is blasting from the tv...

I was counting on someone's website - a great website on a class I'll be teaching in less than a week - to use as a basis to draft my course outline, assignments, etc. I know it sounds like last minute to be working on that - but this website was sooooo good, I had no worries about this. And now, that very organized and experienced teacher just went ahead and changed her site to suit the new "Communication" focus she is giving this course. I mean school starts NEXT WEEK - why did she have to update everything and design new assignments and tests I can't use!!! So with the kids wreaking havoc all around, I am trying to think of cool themes to talk about. So far, electricity, biotechnology, cell phones, satellites and automobiles are among the ones I've decided to concentrate on...

I am starting to feel the pressure - I'll soon be standing in front of a bunch of girls, I want to get them excited about science and technology, while internally there is a vulcano of inexperience brewing.... I guess the real science project here is taking someone like me, sticking that person in charge of coming up with course material, and seeing what happens to my vitals on an hourly basis.

Oops - this post is NOT short.

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