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Tuesday, August 16, 2005 

I slept with a new man last night

Those who read these words with horror, please settle down. I am still married (and faithful) to my dear hubby (it's going to be 10 years on the 19th of this month).

He had a bday earlier this month, and he's starting to feel the weight of the years (this is my explanation of his strange behavior). Some of his hair is turning grey but what I am referring to is the new pj he bought yesterday. He's always worn t-shirts and "leisure pants" to bed, mostly uncoordinated but comfortable pieces of clothing. All that changed yesterday. He bought one of those pjs my father has always worn. They manufacture this type of pj for the ageing population, those well over 50, with lots of grey hair or no hair at all. Is this where we are headed? What is next? Grecian Formula? White sports socks in his sandals?

Lordy, Lordy, what will it be when he's forty????

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