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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 

Just signed on the dotted line

Well, it's as official as it gets - I signed the contract this morning. I knew that there are 180 days of school - IT NEVER OCCURED TO ME THAT TEACHERS WORK 200 DAYS!!!! Not that it makes a difference at this point - I hear course prep and exam correction take up plenty of personal time as well...

Had my head checked, so to speak - I saw my neurologist today. He's my best hope to keep the drugs coming to combat those horrible migraines I get every month. He suggested I start thinking of preventive meds I would take every day. I don't mind popping a pill every morning if it means I never have to worry about my head throbbing like mad at any point in my life. The main side effect however is weight gain - now I think I'll stick to the throbbing and use the regular meds because if I add anything to the 25 lbs I'm still carrying after my last pregnancy, someone will have to add anti-depressants to the mix, and by then, I may as well just re-orient my career and become a pharmacist because I'll be constantly thinking about pills anyways...

The kids are taking their bath in the pool. It's one of those practical summer solutions we have found to work entirely to our advantage. Not only does this drain whatever bit of energy they may have leftover at the end of the day, but they're squeaky clean when they come out, and they dash into the house once they're out because the mosquitoes are lined up waiting for them to get out.

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