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Wednesday, August 03, 2005 

This ship is about to sail...

Today was a bit of a bummer day - I helped my dad show off Varuna, a beautiful sailboat my parents bought the year I was born - they are now looking to sell it. So, for all of you trying to do quick math here, this boat has been part of the family for 36 years, and it holds basically all of my memories of summer vacations, as well as week-ends. We spent EVERY week-end of the summer either going for 2 day trips or simply sleeping over, and 2 whole weeks going cool places and getting a nice tan. This was back when there was an ozone layer and the notion of sunscreen was non-existent. Actually, I remember buying tanning oil to accelerate the whole process. Imagine that... I now lather my kids with SPF 30 or 45 depending on the time of the day ...
Even though my outings on the boat are now few and far between, it will be hard to see it go... I'll post some pics of it later - now it's time to hit the sack with the brand new 2006 IKEA Catalog. I've got 2 copies - HIS and HERS - to avoid any and all possible conflict. It's nice to dream of everything we want to buy... unfortunately, until they allow us to dump the kids for more than 1 hour in the play area, we can't do it.

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