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Tuesday, August 09, 2005 

Sold to the man from Connecticut!

Well, we got the good/bad news that Varuna has been sold. What is it that makes humans feel anything for THINGS – like inanimate objects that are tools we use for fun or play - and yet get somehow attached to them... I am very sad that this oversized piece of wood with two masts, four sails, and a sleuth of other nice features is actually going to disappear forever from our lives. Enough about this - even though it was his decision, I'm sure my dad hasn't slept since he accepted the offer 24 hours ago...

Well, we're going camping for a couple of days. We reserved two campgrounds yesterday because my in-laws are also coming. Let's make things clear here - we have a huge tent, air-mattresses, pillows, NON-nylon sleeping bags, and basically everything else they sold in the camping aisle at Walmart. The girls even have those animal flashlights that make roaring sounds when you turn them on. And yet, all this is NOTHING since my hubby's parents are rolling in next to us in their super-deluxe-it's-got-everything-even-two-kitchen-sinks RV. If you're not too fond of sleeping in the wild, and going to the community john, this is the way to go. It's the size of a tourist bus, with one tv in the front area, and one in their bedroom. We're doing the camping thing because the kids dig it so much. Being outside all the time (we have to keep them OUT of the tent if we want to sleep there eventually!), sitting around the bonfire until way past their bedtime, eating junk food like hot dog sausages and marshmallows with our approval, no less... As exciting as all that sounds, there begins what I like to call the paranoid weather watch. That's an activity reserved to adults, particularly those who do not want to wake up to shoes drifting by in a puddle of rain INSIDE the tent. Yes, that would be me...

As I'm sipping my green tea, on a comfortable chair and with my high speed internet conenction, I'm starting to wonder what possesses human beings to subject themselves to such barbaric activities. And as my first day of school approaches (13 days to go), I hope I don't feel the same way about teaching as I do about camping...

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