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Sunday, November 06, 2005 

Day 51: Looks like I'll be damned...

Day 51 was only 2 days ago - but now I see the value in posting every day rather than taking a little break from blogging and trying to remember memorable events that happened more than 48 hours ago...

Since it was a test day, it was a rather easy one - of course hell follows shortly after when I have 100+ tests to correct.

I decided to make this one an easy one - I still need to calculate this to be sure, but I think 90% of the marks were questions taken straight out of the quizzes or the exercises we did in class.

I quickly corrected some questions and am flabergasted to see that some students didn't even manage to get those right.

I just don't understand kids who don't study. I don't get it, I can't imagine why they would choose to have a bad mark over cracking the books a little.

So all week-end I've been racking my brains to figure out yet another way to make them study - it seems for some the 12-page biology homework did not really make a difference. I'll have to look at everything closely - analyze the marks and their owners - and find a way.

A way for them to have good marks AND know their stuff.

I just won't lower my standards to meet the lazy ones - they each have a body, and I'll be damned if they don't understand how it works!!!

Stay with it!

Don't get discouraged....And good for you for not lowering your standards to help the lazy students. When you lower your standards, you hurt all the students.... Hang in there..

I'm with you on the studying thing. Even AP kids don't study sometimes.

For a quiz last week, I had them download 19 vocabulary terms from the book website. The quiz would have questions on only those items.

Six out of fourteen managed to fail. In an AP class!

If I did that as a kid, my folks would've had a few things to say. That's half the problem; not enough reinforcement at home.

P.S. No twins - they're just really close in age!

I think it is real nice from you to keep your standards as they are: for I have been a student with good marks, I was sooooo insulted when a teacher would lower the standards and recalculate the marks because too many students would fail...

But you know, you shouldn't take it personal if they don't study in your class... I'm know it is not because of you... I am sincerely convinced you are doing a great teacher...since I know you, I can say that I would have loved to have you as a teacher while I was in school...

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