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Monday, August 29, 2005 

Day 5: Easy Mondays...

Well, since our work week is spread over 4 (intense) days, we have the benefit of having a day off, and in my case, it's Mondays. This means that I will be having long week-ends all year, it also means that once I get my act together (ie get the planning done during the OTHER days of the week) I will have a real day off. Today has been quite productive:

- Get the girls to daycare - CHECK

- Get some breakfast and drink as much coffee as possible - CHECK

- Prepare this week's biology lectures, assignments, and think of the first upcoming test - CHECK

- Feed blue-eyed son and friend nutritious lunch - CHECK

- One load of laundry - CHECK

- Get some more course prep done - tackling this as soon as this post is done

- Go to the dentist - soon to be done

- Get my daily post in - almost there

- Cut the grass around the pool - keep dreamin'...

I watched (with A LOT of sadness) the last episode of Six Feet Under last night. I don't remember enjoying another series as much as this one, and getting attached to the characters such that I can't get the final 5 minutes out of my head (once again, an "OFF" button issue - perhaps the neurologist could help with that...). I suppose having watched all 5 seasons in less than a year made me "bond" more with the characters ...

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