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Friday, December 02, 2005 

Days 70 & 71: The red pen parade (Santa is out, Bic is in!)

Just got back from school - I will now attempt to clean (vacuum, wash floors, bathrooms, etc) the place we call "home" which looks more like a jungle right now.

I really need to hide the scissors from my two little paper-cutting queens... they are transforming cutting paper strips into an olympic sport. Someone give them a medal already and have them retire from this messy sport!!!!

My head hurts - perhaps in anticipation of the 102 biology tests I need to correct, along with the 204 technology quizzes (yes, that would be 2 per kid, done this week).

It will definitely be the red pen parade this week-end...

Glad I'm not alone, Lolita. I have 95 essays to grade this weekend so that I can update grades on Monday. Misery loves company...

Can I add your blog to my blog? http://www.skoolmarm.blogspot.com/

Fred: did you make it? thanks for the company...

skoolmarm: feel free to add me to your blog!

I love elementary school. I don't give quizes in Tech. And I only have 7 in Literacy.

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