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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

Day 49: A Tim Bit to lift their spirit

I stopped by Tim Hortons this morning, Canada's favorite donut shop, to pick up a big box of Tim Bits (donut holes). One of my classes performed particularly well yesterday in the project management activity and I wanted to reward them quickly (before they did something to undo my happiness).

This class is usually very participative, so much so that I have trouble getting through the material because everyone talks at the same time. (this is NOT my dreaded group by the way- group which I have described here, here and here ).

Needless to say they were very happy about this - it was the first time since the beginning of the year that I praised their work this way (2 other of my classes have been treated to either Tim Bits or Whippet cookies before). I can't do this every time someone does something right because
- the girls would eventually gain weight
- they would constantly expect a treat in exchange for good behavior (Pavlov anyone?)
- I would go broke in the process - obviously, this is NOT the type of expense the school would pick up.

Bad migraine today - what a drag - I was happy to leave the school early (noon) today and I napped this afternoon but I did not get my grading done and of course this is bothering me now.


Another hair comment today that probably raised the barely tamed short locks I have...

Teacher: "Wow - your hair!"
Me: "Didn't you see it yesterday?"
Teacher: "Yes, but it looks shorter today."

I thought hair was supposed to GROW. I did not expect anything to show overnight, but if it's starting to look SHORTER every day, I will have to start wearing a tuque and adopt a more hip look.

What's goin on here... a new image and a new name???

mmmmm.... timbits.... apple timbits...

I remember these from my trip to Ontario for Christmas 2003. Ah, and coffee brewed fresh every 20 minutes.

Great stuff. I miss Canada.

Nice blog too. Found you through a comment on Stebbijo's Choice.

all the hair comments, you got me freakin out...I have grown my hair out for two years now, and am waiting to decide on a new hairstyle...now I'm thinking maybe let it grow a little while longer..lol...too funny about the donuts, tho..I wonder if I plied my 16 yr old w/ those things, maybe she would bring those F's up to D's...does this place deliver to the states???lol...have a great day

Canadian Dude: yes - I go through waves of paranoia - fearing that the students will discover this blog...
New image is all my hubby's doing - and UNFORTUNATELY I am also sporting a new do...

Steve: Welcome to my place! Feel free to come back anytime and laugh at me.
Canada is a great place to live - you should come back to visit (*and if you feel homesick, we now have Starbuck's everywhere!!!!)

just me: I had bad marks in geography at one point, and my dad said he'd give me money: $5 for 100%, $2 if over 90% and $1 for over 80%. I made a small fortune (for a 16-yr old) - there was no way I'd let such an "easy" $5 get away from me...

great thought..but tried that...she obviously didn't need the money, I guess...anything else?? cuz I will try anything...

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