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Sunday, October 30, 2005 

Bad hair = bad post

When I got up this morning,I caught the dreaded hairdo in the mirror, I had a couple cups of coffee and sat down to re-read yesterday's hair post.

I wrote that post late in the evening, tired and feeling the effects of the wine I had with dinner.

One shouldn't post in those conditions, not only because typos are published without even so much as a blink, but also because coherence becomes an option, one I obviously forgot to include yesterday...

So in SHORT (pun intended),

1) 3 weeks ago, I let her cut my hair the way SHE thought would be better. It was still long enough for me to change my mind and go back for the haircut I actually wanted.

2) Yesterday, I show up with the picture I wanted (after driving back home to get it because I had left it on the kitchen table and I WANTED TO AVOID HAVING HER DO SOMETHING ELSE THAN WHAT WAS ON THE PICTURE).

3) When she was almost done, as the mirror was reflecting something much shorter than THE PICTURE, I asked her where all the hair in the back went, and she replied that "it would look better this way".

4) I was in a hurry so I paid and left - had a minor heart attack when I saw the reflection in the car window, and a major heart attack when I got home.

5) I'm still pissed and am considering getting a wig on sale tomorrow (Halloween stuff of course) and wearing it for the next three months.

6) My hair got long in the first place because for 3 years I had no idea what to do with it after my old (and trusted) hairdresser moved. I'm starting to think that being indecisive may not have been such a bad thing afterall...

7) Hubby says the cut looks great - but I suspect the compliments could be a ruse to obtain marital favors...

Get a new hairdresser STAT. And then get a Revo Hairstyler.

We hubby's wouldn't do that. We don't know that much about hair to trade it for favors. If he said it, he meant it.

As for the wig? Save it for the hubby. :)

Here is what you do if you can't take it. Buy hair extensions and get a weave. Seriously -- why not? They did it on extreme makeover all the time!

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