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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

School of parenthood - lesson #1

Why is it that the ones we love THE most (yes, that would be our kids, our children, our little "miracles"), why is it that these little creatures are THE BEST at getting right under our skin and oozing poison-ivy. If it sounds like I am losing my mind, perhaps it's because I am!!!
Why is it that kids think they can win stupid useless battles with their parents? Why is it that parents feel compelled to dig their heels and make big (empty) threats?

Does patience come in a predefined and finite quantity? Can one use up all their patience, say during their work day, and then come home and not have any left for their little angels because patience renewal is possible only when everyone is sleeping?

And if they ACTUALLY ARE ANGELS, why is patience needed in the first place?

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