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Friday, September 02, 2005 

Day 9: My little rant about the rescue efforts in Louisianna

Today went well at school. First test was written, and I have it with me, ready to correct it over the week-end.

I can't concentrate on school stuff right now because I am haunted by the pictures and video clips from what is happening in New Orleans.

I don't understand that this is happening in the United States. The greatest power on Earth.

These people are stranded, dehydrated, hungry, abandonned to rot there while Bush is all talk and no action. I can't believe it's happening, and yet as I watch clip after clip, what I see are POOR BLACK PEOPLE, and POOR BLACK PEOPLE don't command as much attention as RICH WHITE PEOPLE.

It's completely unfair.

Newborns that were in hospitals there are dying from dehydration because their little bodies needed fluid and there is no clean water to feed them. This is happening in the States. The US is so quick at helping other countries around the world when disaster strikes, why are they so useless NOW????.

That's it - the post is finished because I have nothing nice to say about anybody in charge of these rescue efforts.

I feel helpless, my heart aches for all these people. Everything else seems meaningless right now.

God help those people because the authorities sure aren't...

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