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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

Day 11: The short post

I wish this software would start ringing and flashing when a blogger writes a NEVERENDING post. As I re-read yesterday's post, I was wondering if anyone fell off their chair while reading it - not because I documented a particularly astounding discovery, but because my migraine-drug-induced keyboard diarrhea was somewhat overwhelming after a while. Bla-bla-bla- somebody stop me!!!

To counterbalance yesterday's post, this one will be extra short.

I feel pressure. Nothing to do with lowel bowel pressure or yesterday's post. Just pressure to prepare course material and get my act together. Yesterday evening was unproductive (I obviously couldn't get my fingers off the keyboard)and it's close to 7PM tonight and I have to think of a way to occupy one class for 2 hours (I'm thinking of setting them up with the laptops and having them research something - what I'm not sure yet - but then that means more correction/work for ME!!!).
I need to plan biology as well since all four groups are writing the test on the first chapter - now I have to learn the digestive system again so that I can teach it to them. Hmmm...

Signing off, stressing out, but at last, DRUG FREE - so all is not lost...

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