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Friday, September 09, 2005 

Day 12: When sleep becomes a necessity

I'm writing this post after sleeping for almost 11 hours. I went to bed before the kids. At 6:45PM last night, I asked my lovely hubby to take care of the kids because I needed a little nap before The O.C.

Well, next thing I know it's 11PM and I am a complete zombie.
And the next thing after that, it's 5:33AM, and Christine (who went to bed later than I did, and is 33 years younger than me) is waking me up, and requesting some breakfast.

Today is "Test Day" - I have 5 teaching periods and I am seeing all 4 groups - they are writing their first biology test. That means more correction on the horizon for me... I still have 75 Technology tests to mark - which I think I will work on while they write today's test.

Good think I have the Bic Red Pen Super Pack...

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