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Friday, September 09, 2005 

Day 13: TGIF - and pumping out alligators in Louisianna

I'm home - I have a million things to do, the first of which is getting my post done for the day.

So far, I've promised myself not to draw any conclusion with this adventure, not to compare my old job with what I am doing now, but one of the teachers has been asking lots of questions - she's never done anything but teach so she is curious about the "corporate world".

Having to explain what I used to do, how I loved what I did, how I was hopeful that our process would cure some forms of cancer, how it was a completely different kind of pressure, all this made me miss my old life.
I miss dealing with money issues, I miss being plugged to the world and finding out breaking news when things happens.
I miss the boardroom dynamics - the whole human aspect of making something work despite the idiosynchrocies of all the individuals involved.

And yet, today as I drove home, I also appreciate being with these kids, having their youthful love of life influence the way I approach various topics. I spent a whole period today spinning the technological point of view of what is happening in in Louisianna...

The ONE student question that makes me smile when I think of today:
"Are the alligators pumped out of the city along with the water?"
Would YOU be able to answer that with a straight face???

Nice Blog, perhaps you could pass comment on my blog and website and give me some views from a teachers perspective!
Take care

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