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Monday, September 19, 2005 

Day 18: Keeping this blog a secret...

Three months ago, I had no idea what a blog was. Then I noticed my dear hubby laughing out loud whenever he read a certain "blog".
"A blog? What is THAT?"

Being married to a computer/software/techno geek has great advantages (like never having to work the electronics around the house - and being the first we know to have a home-made version of a TiVo which feeds my TV addiction so much better than the old VCR).
It also has the great disadvantage that I always feel like an idiot because he knows about things way before I do - he'd been solving Sudokus online for 6 months on his lunch break before I even heard of the darn thing...

So, I started reading the same blog that made him laugh so much, except that I was laughing harder because I'm a girl, I'm a mom, and I'm usually constipated, just like Dooce. I was happy with reading her blog every day when it occurred to me that perhaps I could start blogging - about being a teacher for a year.

The thing about Dooce is that she LOST her job because she wrote about co-workers.

I don't know the details, but what I do know is that I am NOT telling anyone at school about my blog.

I don't want kids acting out - hoping it will appear on the blog the next day. And I don't want to have to say anything nice about the other teachers because they read my blog and expect flattery (even if and when they deserve it).

It shouldn't be too hard to do because none of the teachers (with perhaps the exception of the one who teaches the kids how to make a web page) are even comfortable with computers, the internet, and all that "technology". There is one computer for all of us to share in the teacher lounge - I barely use it preferring to log into the network from home to enter the student marks.

And so I must bear the weight of this secret for the remaining 162 school days. I feel like Agent Sydney Bristow on yet another secret mission...

Good idea. I've told no one, either. Even if they did find out, I keep an upbeat blog that doesn't really comment on policies, so I'm not real worried about it.

Besides, we want to keep reading!

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