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Friday, September 16, 2005 

Day 17: Finding the answer in your sleep

It's been proven (how, I have no clue) that sleeping on something (and I mean by that a thought, a question, a problem) often allows the solution to surface the next morning.

As I head to bed, I am hoping sleep will bring the answer to a question a student threw my way today:

"Why did you become a biology teacher?"

It's been bothering me all day, because there are several possible answers. I guess this is how multiple choice came to be.

In this case, possible answers would include:

a) I am not a real teacher.

b) I wanted the 4-day work-week not realizing along with it came a 3-day work-week-end.

c) I want to make a lot less money and still try to be happy.

d) I wanted the summer off.

e) I wanted the summer off.

f) answers d and e

And if the true answer to all this is "None of the above", I have some thinking and some sleeping to do...

interesting... here in America our teachers are paid very much in the pre-college school. So i guess the reason why teachers become teachers is because they want to teach what they know. One day I plan to teach Architecture... in hopes to influence the next generation of Architects (if i'm that significant, and I plan to be). I hope to influence the mind that changes the world... just the same as some said those words to me. Hopefully I fulfill his hope.

I switched to teaching precisely for anwsers d, e, and f. Besides that, I'm actually having fun. I could never say that in the corporate world.

Hi Fred!
How can anyone turn down the opportunity to have the summer off? The pain about the education system where I live is that you need a teaching permit (I have a temporary one for this year since there is a shortage of science teachers) - to do this longterm though, they expect me to go back to school for another degree, which I'm not willing to do...

By the way, if you decide to grow your hair for another 2 years and then cut it, you can donate the locks to be used for wigs for people with cancer... just a thoughtin case it gets nice and long and you go back to the buzzer #2...

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