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Thursday, December 15, 2005 

Days 78 & 79: Christmas is almost here...

There are many differences between a teaching job and a "normal" job - one thing I have noticed as we're entering the holiday season is that I have no time to think about or look forward to Christmas. I used to be able to get some shopping done at lunch time, think of meals and make lists of presents to get while sipping my coffee in the morning.

This year, it seems time is just zooming by, and Christmas is about to hit me straight in the face with no warning, other than the fact that I know what date it is, I can subtract that number from 25 and make an educated assumption that Christmas is simply 10 days away. Yet it doesn't feel like it...

What does this time of the year feel like for me? Well, let's see - I have a few hundred copies to correct in technology (a test and a research paper), and tomorrow the kids (all 102 of them) are writing another biology test. I feel the pressure of getting all this correction done, and at the same time, I feel like NOT doing it. Which of course is not really an option...

Our Christmas tree isn't even up yet - between the basement and the kids, and the errands and the this-that-and-the-other-thing, it has just not happened yet.

I called in sick today - there's been something viral going around our family, and I can't shake it so I thought I'd spend one day at home trying to rest. Trying is the key word here because so far I haven't stopped working...

Hopefully my next post will include a pic of our tree in all of its spendor.

Sorry you're feeling ill. Our semester ends tomorrow, then we're off to Disney for three days.

Hope you feel better tomorrow.

I now how you feel. This Christmas the state of Idaho decided to take ALL of my husband's check spinning us into a cycle of desperation. Now they have backed out of their attack but still the repercussions are horrible. He lost his job. This Christmas in Idaho sucks -- I WANT OUT!

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