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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 

Day 74: You learn something new every day

And today's anecdote has nothing to do with school!!!

My 9-yr old son has a new girlfriend. It's all we've been hearing about lately. She called him today after dinner so he retreated to his room to have a "private" conversation. He came downstairs a few minutes later and asked Christine if she wanted to speak to her.

Christine is only 3 years old, but she's very very talkative and she wants to talk to EVERYONE who calls - whether she knows them or not. We're just waiting for marketing or survey firms to call us again so that we can pass her the phone and have her answer their survey. When she's tired of their questions, I have no doubt she'll dismiss them with her famous "Just zip it" which she is using more frequently these days when someone annoys her.

Anyhow, she talked to the girlfriend for a few minutes, then handed the phone back to my son. We heard him say:

"She's 3 years old" - no doubt the girlfriend was enquiring about Christine's age.

Christine quickly yelled in the background : "and a half!".

As we're still struggling with getting decent sleep (the girls get up EARLY), as my son starts hogging the phone in the evening (not to mention the MSN chat as well), the girls (or at least Christine) is now considering that the "1/2" year needs to be mentioned. Next thing I know, the girls will be wearing G-string underwear, my son will be hitting the local bar and we won't be sleeping at all, worried sick about what they're up to all night.

Perhaps I should add "walking cane" to my Christmas wish list - who knows how soon I may need it...

That "and a half!" is so cute!

If it makes you feel any better my baby sister is 14 and I feel VERY old already next to her... I have no idea who half the bands she listens to are or what's cool anymore! You know that people are growing up faster when you feel old before you even hit middle-age!

I agree that people are growing up faster when they feel old, the best advice: feel young and be cool

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