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Monday, October 17, 2005 

Setting the record straight regarding my addiction

I just want to set the record straight regarding my addiction.

First of all, watching Primetime TV is NOT a real addiction. This can easily be proven, and here is my scientific method for doing so.

First of all, I googled "Top 10 addictions", and after skipping the non-related first entry (which is a Top 10 Music list), as well as a self-coaching list of actions to take (The Top 10 Ways To Help Stop A Bad Habit Or An Addiction), I came upon the following list, which of course has to be taken seriously since it was written by an engineering student (and we all know how serious those people can be):

9) Gambling
8) Magazines
7) Reality TV
6) Food
5) Hockey
4) X-box
3) BEvERages
2) Heroin
1) Sex

You see: there is no entry for Primetime TV!!!

Well, although I do admit I was hooked on a couple of reality TV shows way back when, I don't watch those so much anymore (actually, I don't watch any - especially since Biggest Loser is no longer at a convenient time for me...).

So, for the record, here is a list (random order) of the shows I do indulge in on a weekly basis. This list includes (but is not limited to):

Law & Order
Law & Order Criminal Intent
Law & Order Special Victims Unit
Desperate Housewives
Las Vegas
House MD
The O.C.
Commander in Chief
Without a Trace
Grey's Anatomy (I'm starting tonight after a girlfriend recommended it...).

When 24 starts up again this winter, I'll be watching. And I'm also catching up on series I missed out on (finished Six Feet Under which was just AMAZING, starting the Sopranos soon...). But these don't really count.

So there you have it.

Gotta go - TiVo is waiting...

addictions are a very funny thing...Too funny that I watch almost entirely the same line up as you...difference is I love reality too...Survivor night..now I have to add blogging to my list. BTW..Grey's anatomy is pretty good, just added that one to my list last week...

**Law & Order
**Law & Order Criminal Intent
**Law & Order Special Victims Unit
**Desperate Housewives
**Las Vegas
**House MD
The O.C.
Commander in Chief
**Without a Trace
**Grey's Anatomy (I'm starting tonight after a girlfriend recommended it...)

2 1/2 Men
How I met your mother
Cold Case
Amazing Race
Crossing Jordan
Closer to Home
CSI: Miami

You don't have a problem, I have a problem. Plus I record all 3 ABC soaps.

I have to cut back.

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