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Monday, October 17, 2005 

Day 37: Today started at 3:00AM...

3:00AM - some kind of noise comes out of the girls' bedroom. I immediately poke hubby. He's so comatosed, it takes a good 4-5 jabs in the ribs and a kick in the lower leg area (I was hoping to hit the shin as that seems to be quite effective) until he FINALLY gets up to rescue his fallen, and now crying, daughter.

Of course, had he been a little swifter, had he reacted the first time I hit him, he would have gotten there before she was in full wailing mode.

He isn't able to soothe her, and by now it's 3:09AM, and I am thoroughly annoyed that she won't take comfort in having her sleepwalking father telling her to go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep.

3:10AM - I get up to go rub her back - he quickly escapes the room and leaves me with TWO babies that are staring at me and wanting their backs rubbed.

3:11AM - The beds are too far apart to rub them both simultaneously, so I rub one for a minute, then switch to the next, and so on for about 5 minutes.

By this time, I am completely awake and am getting anxious to get back into bed because being very awake at this time - 3:15AM - is NOT a good sign of things to come (like "Hello Insomnia!").

I get back into bed and watch the minutes go by on the clock. I ponder the use of various meds that could conk me out, but there are less than 3 hours left to the night, if I'm very very lucky and that the girls sleep in until 6AM.

Besides, what I really need at this point are either earplugs - hubby is now snoring loudly - or a sledgehammer to keep him from ever snoring again (but since I'm not sure what the status on our life insurance policy is, I decide to let him live just a little longer - he is the one with the better salary after all).

3:41AM - I give up, I get up and walk down to the kitchen and I start correcting technology tests...

As I look at all I have done so far today, I am amazed. One must of course consider I've been at it for almost 12 hours...

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