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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 

Day 29: Why is it????

Why is it that the girls (all four classes) wrote tests today and I am so tired...

Why is it that the first biology test was too easy, and this one was too hard? How do you design the RIGHT test such that the correction is not too painful and long, with just the right dose of poking their knowledge?

Why is it that coming home with 102 biology tests to correct, 48 biology lab reports and 48 technology lab reports becomes a game of hide and seek - I need to hide these from my girls who just looooove to use scissors on EVERYTHING.

Why is it that there are cool new tv shows when my evenings consist of correction and course preparation?

Why, why, why... stay tuned and find out - as I try to find the answers in the upcoming posts...

Happy world teachers day!

Every so often, I'll give a test with only multiple choice questions so the computer can score them. It takes five minutes for 150 tests.

Now, there'e the good life.

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