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Sunday, October 16, 2005 

Days 35 and 36: The plumber is coming.

I haven't blogged in 4 days. Not that there wasn't anything to say... or write... it's just that many things have kept me away from my computer.

For starters, on Thursday (day 35), I had classes all day long, and then stayed at my desk (in the teacher's lounge of course) correcting and organizing things until 7PM. It was the FIRST night I came home WITHOUT my schoolbag - this meant that I would enjoy a duty-free evening, just me, my hubby and the boob tube.

Friday was an exciting day as well, not only because I am done teaching by 1:00PM, but because I was meeting up with some girlfriends to celebrate one of them getting older. I love girls' night out because

1) there are NO babysitting arrangements to be made

2) there is no need to get all dressed up (we're all married and have no desire to impress anyone else...)

3) I get to sit through a whole dinner without having to get up 20 times to get stuff for the underage eaters at the table

4) we usually see a movie - and the only thing I love more than TV are movies (sorry hubby!).

The week-end went by very quickly. I spent most of it in malls, shopping for shoes, boots, and clothes for my fashion-deficient husband. Although I had him with me all day Saturday to try on a whole bunch of things, it was today (when I went ALONE) that all the purchases were made.

I am gearing up for yet another week - lots to correct tomorrow, and some course prep to do as well.

Oh yeah, and the plumber is coming over tomorrow morning. The kind of plumber who really doesn't let life and customers get in the way of HIS life... He came over mid-July to fix something and it's taken all this time just to get the darn parts to fix the bathroom sink.

I wish he looked like Mike, the plumber from Desperate Housewives...

I started my Plumbing career at 17 in the Navy working on the monster super heated boilers and decided this was the career I wanted .. That was in 1965 and I still am learning everyday something new and still look forward to actually working with my hands.

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