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Monday, October 10, 2005 

Parent-teacher night -

Parent-teacher night is coming up on the 25th for the 9th graders.

I have NO idea what to expect on this fateful occasion, mostly because the ones I have been to in a parent capacity are the second week of class, and all parents are in their child's classroom and the teacher does a 20 minute speech and leaves nothing much unsaid - there isn't that much going on in grade school, and parents whose child is having problems probably doesn't want to discuss these under the judgemental frowns of the other 23 parents present.

As for what to expect from a teacher's perspective, well, I had no clue about it until I started asking questions as Grade 7 and 8 teachers were fretting about the parent-teacher meetings that took place in the last couple of weeks.

Tiring, exhausting, loooooong and dreadful seem to be the concensus.

So there is relief from the darn piles of tests and reports to correct, and that's parent-teacher night.

Here's my track record. I average 160 students, and I usually see 12 parents.

I hope you do better. Good luck!

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