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Thursday, October 06, 2005 

Days 30 and 31: how two days became one... and how I crave Ex-lax...

Well, I had a good post yesterday but Blogger went into maintenance as I posted and it was LOST. How dare they LOSE my post, just like that...

One thing I mentioned yesterday is that I made it to this site, which is basically a teacher bashing or praising site depending on the teacher.
And the good news on my part is that I have the “smiley face with shades” rating – just like this: of course that’s from the contribution of all of THREE students who took the time to send in their evaluation and comments, but still... I’m quite happy – of course this rating may change once I hand back their biology test results...

The past 48 hours are a blurr of correcting tests, adding small numbers, ticking and x-ing things – this becomes such a mechanical activity, I feel much like a robot. Except that I look at the name of the student once I write down the final mark, I see their face and I wonder why they did so poorly, or I rejoice that they aced it. My hubby is getting the straight jacket ready. I’m just about done the bio test (all 102 of them) and I still have biology lab reports, technology experiment reports (lemons anyone?) AND 102 technology tests fresh from today.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday – the classic TGIF takes on a special meaning for me because that’s the day liberation occurs.

Liberation from lecturing all the time, from running from one classroom to the next, and MOST OF ALL, being able to use the bathroom as soon as I get home ALL ALONE and for AS LONG AS I WANT.

Teachers are probably the greatest consumers of Ex-Lax and other products of the sort. Schools and school schedules are not conducive to maintaining healthy bowels – there is no way you can even make time during the day for such an activity, let alone the fact that there is little to no privacy and someone is always waiting to use the loo...

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