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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Day 26: Survivor - Teacher Edition

It’s only been 26 days – which means another 154 days to go. If this were Survivor, I’d almost be done.

But this is no reality show.

This is my life, and no one is here to vote me out and send me home.

I’m forced to be part of the jury that will sit there for another 154 days, testing and judging these girls, imparting them with knowledge, putting on a show to make the human body look interesting and simple (this could be part of Ripley’s Believe It or Not series because the workings of the various organs are NOT always that simple).

Thanksgiving (Canadian edition) is coming up soon – and as I see friends and family, it will be hard to avoid thoughts about this job and whether I want to do it again next year, and how different it is from what I used to do and how much do I like it – because those are the questions everyone around me seems to be so eager to have me answer.

So for now, I’ll just grab my torch and go back to camp (my desk - AKA kitchen table)– my next challenge is a pile of biology lab reports...

I need to OUTWIT and OUTPLAY the students - OUTLAST however is still out there for grabs...

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