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Monday, September 26, 2005 

Day 23 - part 2: He's laughing at me - and I don't like it!

Tomorrow is the day I am taking the girls to the technology lab so that we can discover the marvels of electricity together.

Not only do I hate labs to begin with (see this), I also happen not to be too fond of electricity. I am NOT an electrical engineer. I am no MacGyver - you won't see me knitting spider webs into a bulletproof vest, which earlier today, would have seemed a more pleasant task than coming up with something for these girls to do.

So we will be building those batteries using lemons (thank you Internet for the recipe - next week, we will build a nuclear bomb - I'm sure there are more instructions for bombs than there are easy electrical projects for desperate technology teachers...).

My dear hubby, who is adorable and always supportive of all my endeavors, including this 180-days journey, has been cracking up since suppertime, when he realized that I was not doing any lemon-battery practice run.

It's bad enough that I'll be stuck in a lab making this battery over and over tomorrow, getting lemon juice all over the place, with 3 different groups of girls, I have no urge whatsoever to do it myself at home. I am confident the instructions are just dandy, and if it doesn't work, we can brush it off as the perfect representation of experimental science - ie it just doesn't always work...

MacGyver - you're dating yourself. :) I used to like that show.

If the batteries don't work, you can always make lemonade.

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