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Sunday, September 25, 2005 

TV Night

I watch too much TV. But I was raised to always aim to be ABOVE AVERAGE - so I should be proud to watch more TV than the average North American.

That being said, I just can't wait to post this and go sit in front of the boob tube tonight and catch up on the stuff I can't watch most weeknights because I'm caught up in my "homework" - or too pooped to do anything but go to bed super early.

Jusy like yesterday. My 3-year twins tucked me in at 7:30PM - they were still full of energy. I was dead to the world. No drugs, no alcohol. Just plain me tired and ready to catch many many zzzz...

Gotta go - I'm desperately looking forward to the premiere of Desperate Housewives - and catching up on a couple of L&Os (Law and Order - I watch ALL of them) that started last week.

This is a Desperate Housewives family, also. It's all the kids have been talking about all week.

I was so sure Rex was NOT dead - that somehow we were simply tricked (just like Bree) into thinking he was... I guess it's not as radical as killing off THE main character in Six Feet Under, but still...

I totally watch too much TV. I loved the premier of DH, and Grey's Anatomy (you could watch it for Biology). We have a DVR and watch all the things that are on after our bedtime (10 pm) early the next night.

We watch way too much TV. Of course, I am watching and blogging right now.

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