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Sunday, September 11, 2005 

Vitamins cause hypertension - and other interesting findings (like my hubby likes role-playing)

With over 100 biology tests to correct, Saturday night was far from the relaxing, fun, cozy-up in front of the TV evening. So around 8PM, when the girls were tighly tucked in bed (did I ever mention their door is locked so that they can't get out? Whoever invented that doorknob thingamajig is a genius!!!).

Soon enough, hubby was hovering around, reading some of the answers and trying to contain outbursts of laughter at some of the nonsense that was written.
Like vitamins cause hypertension. Imagine the horror in both the medical and pharmaceutical communities if this turned out to be true...

I am very sad to report that the spelling and grammar is horrendous. I don't take any points off for that (so far) - other science teachers told me they have a hard time giving points for what's there - so taking points off for spelling would NOT be a welcome gesture. Plus, it means more correcting. Who needs more correcting?

It became obvious pretty quickly that I would be at it all evening, so my lovely hubby volunteered to correct some of the questions, those that were either right or wrong and required no OBJECTIVE part marks. It turns out he actually really enjoyed correcting, using his red pen (I have MANY red pens now, remember?), PLAYING TEACHER for one night.

I suspect there will be many more of those nights.

And as I get better at writing tests, I may even attain the ultimate: tests designed such that they can be corrected by my 3-yr old twins - imagine the leisurely TV evenings I can have at that point...

It might be possible, I remember getting back tests that looked like they were marked by 3 year olds....

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