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Tuesday, January 10, 2006 

Days 85 & 86: Bad bad cold...

It was back to school for me today. Yesterday actually, but I stayed home and did some grading all day. Back in the actual classroom today, feeling somewhat under the weather.

My eyes are watery and itchy, my nose needs constant attention and I feel lousy. All the signs of another cold, probably an unwrapped gift from someone during the last holiday parties...

And so this blog will be short so that I don't spread germs on ALL of the letters on the keyboard. Letters that aren't used often in English such as ... oh well, looks like the whole keyboard may be contaminated by now....

Can you buy Sudefed over the counter? It is becoming law all over that it has to be behind the counter now and signed out and sold with and ID for identification. What a hassle -- just for a cold!

Welcome back. It's tough to get going, especially when you're feeling pretty bad.

If you get to the point where you want to take medicine I HIGHLY recommend the Life Brand Dayquill/Nightquill combination pack --- I buy at least 2 of them every year to get me through cold & flu season, and they work wonders!

Need a hanky?

Are you gonna complain the entire 180 days/

Okay, I think the germs are spreading through cyberspace. I just read Fred's blog and popped over from there. He's sick, now I see that you're sick. I've got the same cold myself, and it just won't go away. Getting out the Lysol now...

Get well soon.

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