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Sunday, January 29, 2006 

Day 99: Fireworks in my head

This title does not refer to a bunch of great ideas I've had all day, but rather to the migraine that started on Tuesday at school, then played hide-and-seek with the meds I was taking until it finally won on Friday around 1AM - I had taken all the meds I was allowed to take for a one-week period so I had to rely on regular OTC drugs - which is basically the equivalent of simply praying for it to go away...

And so I called in sick on Friday - it was actually a ped day and teachers were planning stuff for the next school year. It's now becoming quite clear to me that I am not returning to teaching in September 2006, so I was almost happy to miss this day, although I do like these ped day meetings because they are NOTHING like corporate life meetings.

I'm not likely to return because the biology course load I am currently carrying is already promised to someone else, someone who basically left her kids and hubby behind for this school year to get a teaching permit in another province so that she can teach here in Quebec (doing this in 1 year instead of the required 4-year program in place here). The technology teacher will be back from maternity leave in September. There is a math teacher retiring this year, so any opportunity would be in math but I'm not sure I'd be interested in teaching that.

The whole "one-year-contract" is starting to look like just that - ONE year - and I don't want to think about it too much. I just don't have the time to think about it.

Why? Why? Why, you say??? Because a teacher's work is never done and I have 102 biology assignments and 102 technology assignments to grade...

There's a lot that can happen between now and next year, so you never know, right? Also, can't you move to another school in your district, or is your school system set up different? (Pardon the ignorance.)

I have a temporary permit because I don't have a Teaching Degree. Although I have a 4-yr Bachelor degree in Biochemistry, and a 4-yr Chemical Engineering degree, I am NOT allowed to teach - I need to go back for a 4-yr Bachelor degree (Education) which I am not willing to do at this point in my life...
This temp permit can be renewed several times - there are not enough science & math teachers here for them to totally enforce their stupid rules. I gave up 25% of my former salary when I decided to teach never realizing that it was actually this hard and this much work... I'm not sure I'll be that sorry to go back to the corporate world... but as you said, many things can happen between now and June...

Oh my God - what a bunch of technicalities. I can't even go there...

You need to vist Kick Shoe Kooy -- She is on my blog and a teacher. She practices therapy with Voo Doo dolls -- check her out. Tell here Stebbijo sent you!

I had a temporary degree, too, and when my first year closed out, I was technically out of a job. I was lucky because there was an opening at a high school near my home, and the teacher of the year for the county worked at my school and recommended me. Talk about good luck.

I don't blame you. Another four years? Sounds like their loss...

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